XF 1.5 Reported contents are not being displayed


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Today, one of moderators said she reported an article (and some posts) to be checked, but they are still on board and not deleted.

But we didn't see any report. Now I checked and reported an article and some posts using her account and in her laptop, the article and posts successfully reported. But nothing was sent to admins to be moderated. Nothing to see something is reported.

I also checked my account, and it has full super administrator and full super moderator permission. All permissions.

But I can't see reported contents on moderator bar.

Any opinion will be appreciated.


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Have you tried it with all addons disabled?
Have you ensured the user is set to be a moderator (not the user group the actual status)?


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That's working. Just "Send Reports into Forum" was activated and so nothing was being displayed in moderator bar. And because report forum was excluded from recent post widget, then we missed them recently.