Fixed "Report to forum" silently fails with long thread titles


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There is a thread title limit of 100 UTF8 chars. When a thread has a title close to that limit, and if that thread is being reported, with options set to report to a forum, the report will fail. (The failure won't be immediately noticeable because the Thread Datawriter is constructed with the ERROR_SILENT option.)

The failure is due to the reported thread's title adding the phrase 'Reported Content: Post in thread '<original threadtitle>', thus making it potentially longer than 100 chars.

The report to forum code should check that the total title length doesn't exceed 100 chars, and take the necessary precautions if necessary (truncate original title to make everything fit).

FWIW, I think the "Reported Content:" part in the title phrase is redundant since all threads in the report forum are supposed to be reports. Removing that part of the phrase would make the total title shorter already.


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Fixed now. Added a new option to the thread/discussion DW to automatically trim the title if needed (useful for automated posts).

Obviously, if you don't like/need the "reported content" part of the text, you can take it out of the phrase.


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Mike, thanks for the fix. It was not so much about liking/needing the reported content part, but about reducing the length of the extra part added the original title. :cool: