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Report Conversations


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We don't routinely close threads.

Besides which, some people who have this installed may still require support, if they are still on an early release of the software for example, or for anyone who may have difficulty uninstalling.
I've messed up and installed this addon on my 1.1.2.

Now, after uninstalling it, the built-in report conversation doesn't work. It's just stuck on loading.

Is there a way to fix this without having to re-install?


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Try and turn off listeners by adding this to the config file:

$config['enableListeners'] = 0;
And then uninstall the add-on. When done, remove the line from your config.php again.
I've tried turning off listeners as you suggested, but it's still stuck on loading when clicking the report button.

However, I noticed that with listeners turned on, before uninstalling it, the report button worked and let me type a message, but when I clicked send I got a "message doesn't exist" error.

This is far over my head. Any other suggestions to what I can try?


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Oh, my bad. I missed that you uninstalled it. Did you also remove the files from the add-on, and revert template edits you might have made for it?

Turn the listeners back on, by the way, as that basically disables a lot of functionality. It is mostly used to ensure you can access the Admin CP after a poorly coded add-on might prevent the forum from running properly.
I've removed all files from the add-on, uninstalled it, and reverted the conversation_message template. Still stuck on loading when clicking the "report" link.


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The one thing left that I can think of is that the add-on used the same content-type as the XenForo content-type uses (conversation_message), and that uninstalling the add-on removed the xenforo data as well as the add-on data.

I cannot verify this at this very moment, though.
That is what I am afraid of. I would very much appreciate if you or anyone else could help me out, as I dread the thought of having to re-install my heavily modded forum.

Thanks for your help so far though :)


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I just queried my xf_content_type and xf_content_type_field tables. I only see these when it comes to conversations.

SELECT content_type, addon_id, CAST(fields AS char) FROM xf_content_type;
'conversation', 'XenForo', 'a:2:{s:19:"alert_handler_class";s:33:"XenForo_AlertHandler_Conversation";s:19:"stats_handler_class";s:33:"XenForo_StatsHandler_Conversation";}'

SELECT content_type, field_name, CAST(field_value AS char) FROM xf_content_type_field
'conversation', 'alert_handler_class', 'XenForo_AlertHandler_Conversation'
'conversation', 'stats_handler_class', 'XenForo_StatsHandler_Conversation'
Can you confirm whether you have these values?