Report an entire conversation


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We can currently report a single message in a conversation.

We had a situation today, though, where the staff needed to see an entire conversation, which went on for several messages. The only way to see how the whole thing plays out is to be one of the users in the conversation, so it can be read just like a public thread. Staff cannot read private conversations, obviously, nor would I want to have any such feature where we could freely look at anyone's conversations.

Even if the conversation were shown in the report as quote bubbles, it would help moderators take action. The only other alternative is to get both (or all) users to report every single message in the conversation, or copy and paste a screenshot of the conversation into email and send it to staff.

This suggestion might cover a rare occurrence but I could see it coming in handy. I didn't see anything like this as a suggestion yet, so I wanted to drop it in here before I forgot.
You could always export the conversation to pdf, either directly or via print (depending on the browser)
true thats an overkill solution though. My point is, if someones harassing someone, there might be context that makes it worse than what one might get from just one post. Thus why giving users the option to report single a message, or entire conversations would be useful.