Not a bug "Reply-To" and "From" address from mails sent via the contact form is set to "Default email address"

Affected version
2.1.10 Patch 2


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Hi there,

when receiving mails via our contact form, the "Reply-To" and "From" address is set to our e-mail address specified in the "Default e-mail address".

From: "Username" <>

"Username" is the name of the user that has sent the mail, "" is our specified e-mail address.

The text in the e-mail (the header specifying the users name, e-mail address and ip-address) works, though.


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The from address will be your email address as there'd be SPF verification issues if the submitter's email address was used. The reply to address should be the user's?


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The contact email should have the following headers:

From: [contact form name] <[board default email]>
Subject: [contact form subject] (from [board title])
Reply to: [contact form name] <[contact form email]>
To: [board default email]


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Also note that if the "Sender info in from header on contact emails" option (contactEmailSenderHeader) is enabled, the From header should be the user contacting you (with the Sender header being the contact address). But that's not on by default -- so the default should have the Reply-To set correctly (as Sim has explained).

If you're not seing this behavior, we'd probably need to see the raw contact email header output. There are some situations where certain clients may dynamically change these values unexpectedly and we can't really do much about that (outside of the sender header approach which is sort of designed to help that case).