Third party Reply input box freezes entire page when highlighting 3000 lines of text

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So, why am I highlighting 3000 lines of text? Because I pasted in some source code not knowing it wouldn't send, so I wanted to highlight and remove it.

Reproduction Steps:

Browser: Firefox 79.0

Step 1: Get to a message input box either by trying to respond to a thread or creating a new one.
Step 2: Hit insert code bbcode (under more options) -> paste in some text with 3000 lines or so click continue.
Step 3: Just press control + A (Select All) Painstakingly highlight all the code by starting at the end and drag highlighting until it's all highlighted.
Step 4: The web page will be unresponsive and you may get a message saying the page is slowing down your browser. Let go the mouse button and investigate the status of your mouse cursor, it should be an I all over


I think the editor is doing some processing while it's highlighted. It does not freeze at all while no text is highlighted.

What I expected:

No freeze ups, or perhaps the insert code bb-code not allowing that much code to be inputted in the first place.


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I've reproduced this and passed it upstream to the Froala devs:

Thanks for standing up for my strange case of pasting a large amount of text in. Haha!