XF 1.1 How do I limit viewable number of lines of text from a post when not logged in


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Registered member status in my forum is limited to people who have purchased my publication(s).
However I want to offer prospective potential buyers a taste of the forum content by being able to show them n lines or bytes or whatever of text for posts in some of the forums, as an incentive to buy my publication and get full Regular Member reading and posting rights.

What are the configure settings (and path to them please...) in order to effect this?

I would also like to have this same option for an RSS feed to my forthcoming WordPress-based home page from selected forums in my XF installation. How do I limit max # lines, words, or bytes (any one of those options would be great... I don't need all of them) for RSS display?

Lastly, I would like to offer non logged in viewers the ability to see n lines of n posts that include the search term: Gold Nugget which phrase is what we include posts that my moderator team and registered members include in a post that they have found to be exceptional or particularly helpful.


Jake Bunce

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There are a lot of places that need to be updated to get coverage on that idea. There are some trim functions you can use in templates, but this requires extra consideration for things like posts that have HTML formatting.

Basically there is not a simple change to implement your idea. Ideally it would require an addon.