Replacing Default Avatars

Ryan Kent

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A couple questions:

I just upgraded to 1.0.1 and noticed my default avatar changes were over-written.

- Is the path to the default avatars somewhere that can easily be changed?

- Before I replaced the 48 x 48, 96 x 96, and 192 x 192 files for the default. Can I provide a single image and XF re-size it as needed like when users upload their avatars? Or do I need to provide all 3 perfectly sized images?


XenForo moderator
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If you change the image path then none of your custom images, site logo, etc. will be overwritten when upgrading.

ACP -> Style Properties -> General: Path to Images

You need to create three separate image files for each avatar - small, medium and large.

Are you sure the avatars weren't overwritten when you upgraded your style?
You use Flexile don't you?