Replace one usergroup with another

Tracy Perry

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OK, I've searched, and unless I've overlooked it, I cannot find how to totally replace one usergroup with another on promotion. I know it can ADD to the primary, but what I want is to be able to totally replace it.


Registered users log in with access of Members
After 20 posts promotion kicks in and kicks them to another group called Members with over 20 posts.
Remove them from the Members group and place them in the Members with over 20 posts group.

I use rank images, and have found that by default it will show for both groups. I use
[RT] User Rank Images, but before that had CSS code set up that I also used.

Any suggestions on how to implement are welcome.

Tracy Perry

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The system is designed to work best with everyone in the Registered user group.

You can use style user groups in conjunction with the display styling priority to display ranks:
Yep, I found that... unluckily it doesn't work with RT User Rank Images (lazy mans way of doing it) so I have submitted a request in his support thread to see how hard it would be to get a code change. Now it's time to start playing with the CSS to go back to doing it manually like I had before (which I had gotten from your help page you did). The main problem is I want to use an image instead of the text for it (styling the CSS to make the box was easy).
One thing that I'm thinking might work is getting an image that has no text in it, defining it as the background and then using the text produced by the system and styling it via CSS to overlay that image.

EDIT: And that idea DOES work. Only thing is you can only use default colors (no shaded text that filters from one color to another - but I guess you can't have everything).
It would be nice if the system had the ability to define an image for the ranks to display also in place of the text.
The addition to the code for the CSS would be
background: url("images/rank/gray.png") no-repeat scroll center transparent;
for anyone else that may be interested.

In addtion, if ALL you want to display is the image, you can use the code

<img src="images/rank/globalmod.png"
in the "Use the following user title" section of the usergroup section. :D
Thanks Brogan for getting me on the right track!