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Replace Home Link with Forum Link


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I have copied this from my guide that I put on a post in a thread on this site earlier. I thought it would be better than I put it here, rather than anywhere else. If a mod would like to do anything with it, move it or whatever you see fit then feel free to do the cleaning up!!

What will this do?
Many members on here have been asking how to remove the "Forum" link from their installation of XenForo, and keep the "Home" button. Well, if you haven't noticed already, the forum link has a few things tied to it, so what we are really doing is
1. Removing the home link;
2. Renaming the forum link to home.

How easy is this?
This is a simple find, remove and replace task. It is extremly easy to do.

What will I need?
All you will need is a XenForo installation, and access to the Admin CP.

Once you're in the Admin CP, go to the Appearance tab, and then under Styles & Templates, click on Templates. Once you are there, search for "navigation" and then open it up ready for modification.

Find and remove:
	 <!-- home -->
<li class="navTab home PopupClosed"><a href="{$homeLink}" class="navLink">{xen:phrase home}</a></li>
Then find:
	 <a href="{$tabs.forums.href}" class="navLink">{$tabs.forums.title}</a>
And replace with:
	 <a href="{$tabs.forums.href}" class="navLink">{xen:phrase home}</a>

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