As designed Link with ' character breaks the link?



I am having this issue where if any link contains ' characters, it auto disables the link and render the link as text.

For example:‘n_Flatscreen:_Kiss_My_Compilation

Not sure if this is a bug or not. Need some help.



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I'll move this to bugs as even pasting the string into the URL field via the insert link button, or manually wrapping it in url tags doesn't work.‘n_Flatscreen:_Kiss_My_Compilation‘n_Flatscreen:_Kiss_My_Compilation‘n_Flatscreen:_Kiss_My_Compilation

Replacing with ' does work however - although I'm not sure if is a valid character for a URL.'n_Flatscreen:_Kiss_My_Compilation


Thanks for the quick reply.

Ideally, normal users do not understand the concept between using with '. They just copy-paste links from another place. The best solution would be to deal with anything that breaks the link rendering.


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The thing is, isn't valid in a URL. If you actually go to the URL manually and then copy it out of the browser, what you actually get is:

This has the proper encoding of the character. If the URL is copied out of the browser, it should always give you the correct/valid URL, with the proper encoding, even if it visually displays the URL differently. This would tend to only come up with situations where a URL is manually typed in.

2.2 did tighten up the requirements on URL linking by confirming that the URL is valid and we might make some changes there (see but I can't really guarantee it. I'm going to call this "as designed" on the basis that this isn't a valid URL but keep an eye on that other bug as there might be some changes coming (though they may only apply to something like spaces rather than arbitrary non-ASCII characters).