RM 1.1 Rename Resource phrase to something else


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Hey all,

I've been going through the phrases on resource manager and changing Resources to Challenges.

That's going fine, its time consuming though - is there a faster way to rename all the "resources" phrases to "challenges" ?

Also, is it possible to change /resources to /challenges ?

There really should be an easy way to rename this "resource" thing.

Not every one is selling addons.

There is a guide here explaining how to work with phrases: How To...
If I some how manage to do this by editing phrases and whatever else there is, would I need to repeat the process with every upgrade?
Does not look like this addon would change the folder name. I need /resources to be changed to /Guides

Any easy way of doing this by any chance?

Chris D

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You change that with Route Filters there's a link to that on the home page of the Admin CP.

Find route:

Replace route:

Leave everything else default.
I have now renamed the folder (using route filter) and also changed the phrase using that tool without breaking anything :)

Was not that difficult after all.

Thanks for all your help.