XF 1.4 Rename "Members" to something else?

Floyd R Turbo

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One of the forums I maintain is a club with paid membership. Registration and use is free but then there is a members-only area.

So there is a bit of potential confusion by our use of the term "Member" or "Paid Member" and the XF-wide term "Member", which is applied to everyone who is registered.

We refer to non-paid users as "Registered Users" or "Users". So how difficult would it be to make a system-wide change to the XF term "Member" to instead be "User"? This encompasses the Member List (notable members, registered members, etc) as well as the terms used in the privacy settings, probably a few more areas also. Are these editable phrases?

On top of that privacy settings thing (an this would likely require an addon) it would be nice to be able to have an additional selection for these - All Visitors, "Users" only, "Members" only (our definition), people you follow only...if anyone knows of an addon that does this, I'd like to know.

Thanks in advance


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Changing the name would require editing of the appropriate phrases.

Regarding the second question, it would require a custom mod. I have not seen any such mod myself, but you can have a look at the RM to see if there is one.

Floyd R Turbo

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For that matter, is there a difference in XF between a member and a user? You can't be a user without joining the site, so once you have registered you are a member. So member=user, doesn't it? Or is there "user" and "member" to allow for guests (if you choose to allow for guests to post)?

Floyd R Turbo

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If there is no difference between "member" and "user"...then why user 2 terms? There has to be a reason. I don't want to go changing things if those changes are going to completely screw something else up....but I suppose, changing a phrase wouldn't do that.

I guess I'm a stickler for having one term for one thing and not 2 terms for the same thing (or worse, one term with 2 meanings). That just makes things confusing.