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XF 1.4 Removing items from Recent Activity?

We had a user yesterday that set about updating his user profile, adding in various detail. Unfortunately, he kept making mistakes, and re-editing fields over and over. This completely flooded the recent activity stream.

Is there a way to prevent these profile changes appearing in the Recent Activity feed?

Equally, I've discovered that if a user puts something in appropriate (like a porn URL as their home page), an admin deleting it does not remove it from the recent activity page.
Thanks for the no cache trick.

In terms of news_feed - I've tried playing around with this an the other accompanying templates before in order to prevent profile posts showing in Recent Activity stream, but the way the data is collated and compiled makes it almost impossible to differentiate between content.

For example, you can't simply delete the insert code for a location update, as the system will still creates the entry but just leave an empty space.