XF 1.5 Removing home page link from recent activity


One of our users added a store link to her home page which we do not allow. We removed the link from her home page however it still appears in her recent activity.

Is there a way to remove that link from her recent activity?

If not, if I ban her and then lift the ban will the link still appear in her recent activity and will I run the risk of compromising her user profile?

Thank you, Caryn

*Found my own answers I think.

While the link was deleted on the user's home page, there was no option to edit or delete the link in the recent activity. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

I tested banning another user and then checked the recent activity again and all was the same.
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I have exact same problem. Is there a plugin or something for Xenforo which can delete all activity of a user?