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Remove Profile Page Tabs - Removes profile page tabs and profile posts.


Removes profile page tabs and profile posts.

In an effort to make forums easier to use, this add-on removes the four profile page tabs and profile posting. Your users will love the easy to read profile page once this add-on is installed.

(Example of profile page)

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Modifies the code in the following templates:
  • account_alert_preferences
  • account_privacy
  • member_view
  • search_bar
  • search_form_tabs
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Hmmm... your addon is good - to good. It removes also my "Fotos" tab from sonnb's xenGallery addon. Is there a work around to only remove the profil post tab and make the Userinfo tab the default tab?
Great add-on, really appreciate it, but I also have a minor bug, just wondering if perhaps some of the experienced guys would know the answer right away. I am a newbie, sorry.
I am using Xenforo 1.3 and the splash design by pixel exit. The profile tabs are removed but two "Loading" phrases are left (see below). Any idea how to get rid of them :cry:
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Question... Does this remove all profile tabs? Reason I ask is that I want to keep my profile page tabs, but I want to get rid of the profile post feature entirely...
Hi Andy , is it possible to Moce Profiles posts to the bottom? instead having them on top . Reason is, if user have many posts , its cluters page and main info not visible right away , need make several scrolls... thnk you