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Remove Profile Page Tabs [Deleted]

Discussion in 'Add-on Releases' started by AndyB, Mar 12, 2014.

  1. AndyB

    AndyB Well-Known Member

    AndyB submitted a new resource:

    Remove Profile Page Tabs - Removes profile page tabs and profile posts.

    Read more about this resource...
  2. Skylined

    Skylined Active Member

    What's the difference between this one and Remove Profile Posts Plus?
  3. AndyB

    AndyB Well-Known Member

    They are virtually the same except that:

    Remove Profile Posts Plus - Only works on XF v1.2

    Remove Profile Page Tabs - Only works on XF v1.3
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  4. otto

    otto Well-Known Member

    Thanks a lot for this Addon! :)
  5. otto

    otto Well-Known Member

    Hmmm... your addon is good - to good. It removes also my "Fotos" tab from sonnb's xenGallery addon. Is there a work around to only remove the profil post tab and make the Userinfo tab the default tab?
  6. expjanus

    expjanus New Member

    Great add-on, really appreciate it, but I also have a minor bug, just wondering if perhaps some of the experienced guys would know the answer right away. I am a newbie, sorry.
    I am using Xenforo 1.3 and the splash design by pixel exit. The profile tabs are removed but two "Loading" phrases are left (see below). Any idea how to get rid of them :cry:
    Also directed at the very skilled

  7. otto

    otto Well-Known Member

    Here the same "Loading ..."
  8. otto

    otto Well-Known Member

    A screenshot from me:
  9. AndyB

    AndyB Well-Known Member

  10. AndyB

    AndyB Well-Known Member

  11. Phillip

    Phillip Active Member

    We're seeing this as well on the bottom of each profile. This goes away when disabling the add-on. Does any one have a fix for this?
  12. AndyB

    AndyB Well-Known Member

  13. Phillip

    Phillip Active Member

    Is this add-on compatible so far with the 1.4 betas given the new profile post changes?
  14. AndyB

    AndyB Well-Known Member

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  15. RyanC

    RyanC Active Member

    Question... Does this remove all profile tabs? Reason I ask is that I want to keep my profile page tabs, but I want to get rid of the profile post feature entirely...
  16. Anton_Bodryachkom

    Anton_Bodryachkom Active Member

    Hi Andy , is it possible to Moce Profiles posts to the bottom? instead having them on top . Reason is, if user have many posts , its cluters page and main info not visible right away , need make several scrolls... thnk you
  17. AndyB

    AndyB Well-Known Member

    This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.

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