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Remove Guests From 'Online' Page

Jake Bunce

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Edit this file:


Add the red code (don't forget the comma on the far right):

Rich (BB code):
		$conditions = array(
			'cutOff' => array('>', $sessionModel->getOnlineStatusTimeout()),
			'getInvisible' => $bypassUserPrivacy,
			'getUnconfirmed' => $bypassUserPrivacy,

			// allow force including of self, even if invisible
			'forceInclude' => ($bypassUserPrivacy ? false : XenForo_Visitor::getUserId()),

			'userLimit' => 'registered'

		$onlineUsers = $sessionModel->getSessionActivityRecords($conditions, array(
			'perPage' => $userPerPage,
			'page' => $page,
			'join' => XenForo_Model_Session::FETCH_USER,
			'order' => 'view_date'
I felt maybe the best approach to this would be

Current Visitors
Guests (23)

where 23 is the number of guests.

Sometimes I want to see guests. But I feel it's more important to see registered members.

Would you know a way to order the 'logged in' users before the 'guests'?
If a site had 200 guests .... how many pages of blank guests would there be ? Is that useful ?

Current Visitors
Guests (3)
- viewing forum list 3 min ago.
- editing their avatar 9 min ago.
- viewing list of online members 23 min ago.
Hey james,

thank you for replying :)

If it does same some queries, it is a very interesting tweak for busy XFs.
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