Remove automatic quote when replying to message


Hi all,

When replying to a message, it automatically quotes the entire post of the user you are replying to. IMO this is a really bad feature as you sometimes have posts in which the user quotes a really long post and just adds a couple of comments to it.

Is there a way (template change?) to make it so that when you click "Reply" to a post, it no longer automatically quotes the message you are replying to?


Tracy Perry

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Like the normal editor box at the bottom of the forum topic? ;)
Reply implies the quotation. The user can edit out the extended text. I imagine you can submit a request for an add-on that will strip to only X amount of characters, but I do not believe by default you can do what you want.


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Like Tracy said, just use the quick reply editor at the bottom of a page to make a post without quoting. The Reply link in each post is the same as Quote on other forums.

If you just want to quote part of a long post without editing, there's an addon for this - QuoteME