XF 1.4 Hanging Occurs When Replying to Messages and Sometimes when Editing posts

Hey Everyone,
I've been a having a slight bug ever since I installed Xenforo. When sending a reply message it just hangs there saying that it's still loading, but the message goes through..

Same thing when making an edit to a posts on the fourm..

Any ideas why this is happening?

Tracy Perry

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More information needed.
Are you on shared hosting?
How many online users when this is happening?
Are you getting any warnings in your ACP or in the server logs?
So sorry for the lack of info.

I'm on a dedicated server, there are no server errors when this occurs nor warnings. The forum is newish so I don't have many members, so maybe 1 or 2 members. When sending a new message it's fine, it's just when someone goes to reply (myself included). It says it's loading and it will just sit there for days. When you "refresh" the page, boom.. the sent message is there and everything is dandy.

There isn't anything wrong with the server itself, it's wicked fast and on a wicked fast connection in the collo rack space being rented.

Jake Bunce

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Any addons? Tapatalk perhaps?

In general, try disabling addons and using the default style to see if that affects the problem.

If the problem persists then I would like to try to reproduce it myself. That might allow me to see where the problem lies. But you should submit a ticket for that:

I do have addons, however, this issue has been persistent ever since the fresh install of Xenforo before any addons.

Feel free to create an account and try to reproduce this @Jake Bunce. I have the same username and Avatar here as I do in my forum. Shoot me a message and I will respond and then you can try and respond as well. There is also a spot in the forum where you can post a test message and then try and edit it.