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XF 1.2 Reimporting after a test vb4 import

Mr Lucky

Well-known member
I have done a test import and am ready for actual the import/migration of the forum.

However I only just noticed this:

  • To completely remove any data related to an import, in order to do it again for example, the original XenForo database must be restored and all avatars and attachments must be deleted from the data and internal_data directories.
Sadly I do not have a backup of the xenforo db before the test install.

Will it work to just delete all forums, threads users, attachments, avatars etc. and then do the actual import or is it advisable to export the custom style I have worked on and then just do a fresh installation of xenforo and then import the style and do the migration?



XenForo moderator
Staff member
I would go with the latter.

Export the style.
Do a clean installation.
Import the style.
Customise everything to suit.
Then take a backup.