Hi - is there a way to add to the registration process saying their date of birth will not be visible on the forum as some people have questioned this.


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As long as you have the default options correct in Admin CP > Options > User Registration then their date of birth and age won't show.

After that, the absolutely easiest way to make them aware is to edit this phrase in Admin CP > Appearance > Search Phrases: Title: your_date_of_birth_is_required

The text currently reads: "Your date of birth is required."

You could change it to: "Your date of birth is required but will not be visible to others."


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Different ways to do it.
The elegant way is to get a coder to make you an addon.

The simplest way is to add the words you want to the registration form.
Quick hack:
In admincp go to Appearances/ Templates
Put register_form in the filter box at top - or just register then open register_form
In the template click at the top, then use CTRL+F to locate date_of_birth
In the code you will see the code I display here - you dont need to understand it, just check it looks the same so you're in the right place.

    <dl class="ctrlUnit OptOut">
        <dt>{xen:phrase date_of_birth}:<br /><i>Required</i></dt>
            <xen:include template="helper_birthday_input">
                <xen:map from="$fields" to="$user" />

CHANGE IT by adding

Rich (BB code):
<dl class="ctrlUnit OptOut">
        <dt>{xen:phrase date_of_birth}:<br /><i>Required</i></dt>
        <dd>Your date of birth will not be visible on the forum.<br /><br />
            <xen:include template="helper_birthday_input">
                <xen:map from="$fields" to="$user" />

Copy and paste in the line in blue, exactly as you see here.
I always leave a blank line after a change so as to find it again easily if I want to edit it.

Optional. Add <xen:comment>TIS CHANGE HERE</xen:comment>
on the blank line right on the left. That'll be invisible xcept in admin.
You can then always find it by searching on TIS CHANGE - together with other changes you make which you label like this.

More elegant methods are: creating a new Phrase; or making an include. Neither are difficult.
I suggest that if you use this or similar XF help posts, you copy this post into a document and keep it with the rst of the notes you keep on your site.