XF 1.4 Registration Issue


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When people try to register on my site they are getting:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in /home/site/public_html/forum/library/XenForo/ControllerPublic/Register.php on line 247

I disabled all addons, and still had the same problem. Any suggestions?


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I just upgraded to 1.4.3 and am also having this problem...in this way.
The registration form - if the user ever hits the return key, send the user to the front page of the site (in my case not the forum) and does away with any data they have entered. If they carefully tab through it, it might take.

Here's what I have done.

Flushed all cache, history, etc.

removed the old add-on's which may have affected the login form (mandatory location, reg form time) - and checked template mods - they do not show up.

Uploaded new copies of the two Register.php copies in the XF upgrade package.

It's still happening. I have very few add-ons - turned them off to check and it still happens.

Any suggestions on what to do next?

Example of this behavior - if I use tab and go through the reg. form to the end - but then place my mouse back in the PW field and click, that triggers it. So does hitting return or enter in certain fields (not all).


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Update - AndyB suggested I try a new style with no ads, etc - did that, didn't fix.
Turned off all add-ons - didn't fix.

Tried even turning off some WP plug-ins (WP is installed in the main root directory of that site). So far, that didn't help.

Any suggestions on troubleshooting welcome!


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No, new registrations on my droneflyers.com forum do a redirect to my wordpress blog (an article there) if the new registrant hits return or clicks their mouse in certain fields.

If they carefully tab through the reg form, they can sign up....but if they click back, etc. to fix a field it redirects instantly.

See the note I put on the form:

Hmmm....just noticed that the article (link) on the notice at the top of the screen is where they are being redirected to........I'll turn off notices....I already turned off all add-ons, but that's not an add-on


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Ah, that seems to have fixed it.....hmmm.......why would it go to the URL in the Notice?
I'll fiddle with other notices and see if that affects it.


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Fixed - I assume!
An errant ">" in the notice HTML apparently makes many of the JS calls in the page activate that link!

If there is a way (in the XF coding) to 100% separate (sandbox) notices code errors, etc. from the pages they grace, that may be a way to avoid this situation.


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Malformed HTML will cause issues on the page, irrespective if which template it is in.

It is not possible to isolate notice HTML from the rest of the page.