Registered Feeds import only once

steven s

Well-known member
I have a few registered feeds that ran initially and never again.
One for instance is
The feed show's up in the feed in the sidebar so I know it works, but not as posts.
That particular file is probably only updated once a week on their end.

I do have other registered feeds that are updated more often, but same problem.
I can preview the feed and see the latest article. Import now doesn't do anything.

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
The items in that feed have guid numbers 1 through 11. Those don't look like serious guid's to me. Each item in the feed needs to have a unique guid. If they aren't using new guid's for new items then XenForo's dupe checker will not allow them to be imported. In short, this is a problem with the feed.

I can check your other feeds if you post the URLs.

steven s

Well-known member
]I'll see if I can get the rss.xml feed fixed. Must be a drupal thing.
I didn't realize that the bmwusa feed hasn't been updated in weeks.
Stoopid me. Didn't think to check it before posting.

Thanks for you help.