XF 1.3 registered feeds control


I am trying to set up some registered feeds to automatically post some news updates but I am having a small problem with it. The system for registered feeds gets too much historical data from the feeds. For example let's say I create the feed this morning, it will grab all the latest items as expected but over time (based on how often I configured it to go grab new feeds) it grabs everything, even articles from years ago that are irrelevant.

What I would like to be able to do is have for example the 10 latest (and newest) items from the feed, and then only grab new items that are created from then on. Not grab old items.

So far the only method I found to get the same result is to configure a feed with a 10 minute refresh, let it grab everything there is in the feed, and then manually delete all the old items. This basically defeats the purpose of automating the process with the registered feeds function though...

Is this possible? Either officially or with an add-on I don't mind either way.



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Once the feed catches up, only new items will be retrieved.

To override that would require an add-on.