XF 2.2 Deny only Registered group from creating new threads in a node


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I am trying to deny the Registered group from posting new threads in a node. I wish to allow all other usergroups to post.

When I specify the node permission Post new thread: No for Registered in the node permissions, all usergroups are then denied the ability to post threads.

Does this mean I need to then specify Yes for every other group? Is there a simpler way?

I have read the docs which say node permissions work similar the usergroup permissions examples (No+Yes=No) but it seems they do not.

But in particular, I have a secondary usergroup with group permissions of Post new thread: Yes and they still cannot post in the node (the node permissions are set to inherit for this group).


Previously I had the Registered usergroup set up with Post new thread: No for the group permissions and would explicit allow posting in only certain nodes.

While this worked well, the Post Thread button on the forum list fails to appear as this functionality uses canCreateThread() and only checks if the the usergroup has the permission to post threads - it doesn't check whether the group can post threads in any nodes. So that is why I am trying to move to an explicit deny policy now.
Set it to No for the Registered group and Yes for the groups you wish to be able to post.

If all of the members in those groups are in a common group then you can set it to Yes for just that group.
Sorry I edited my post my post before I saw your reply, so I presume you mean the only way is to similarly set the node permissions for the admin group.
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