XF 1.5 Register Issues


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That is related to the user essentials add-on.

You will need to post in the resource thread for support.


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I can see references to "useress" in the tag and the back trace, so something like that is installed...

Tracy Perry

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It could also be due to a banned pirates add-on that you are using. The one in the stack trace that starts with a B.

Tracy Perry

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what do you mean
Lines #9, 10 and 11 in the image you attached to the original post indicate that there are what appears to be 3 add-ons in use. 1 of those add-ons appear to be from (as I said before) a known pirate that is banned from here and all his add-ons were removed from the RM.
You will need to contact the add-on authors for support as it is most likely the interaction of one of them causing the issue.
Most likely the first one in the stack track (user essentials) is the one having issues, possibly with one of the other two later in the stack trace.
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