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XF 1.4 Regarding the "View member lists" permission


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As per the 1.4 HYS, the "View member lists" permission covers the following:

A very common suggestion, a new "View member lists" permission has been created to cover a number of places, including:
  • Online user lists
  • Notable members list
  • Full members list
  • Full recent activity list (see below)
I want to change the behavior of the permission so it will only grant permission to see the Notable members list, not the other 3 things mentioned.

What file should I look for in order to review and edit?

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Chris D

XenForo developer
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The full member list is only available if you have that option enabled (it's off by default).

To remove the others, you would either need an add-on, code edits or to remove links to them using template conditionals. The latter is likely the easiest way.


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Yep, the full member list doesn't bother me because it's off.

The problem is going to be the online user list and the full recent activity list. I can certainly edit templates to prevent access however if people guess the URL they will still have access. I don't know how to code an add-on but I'm able to perform small edits on the core files in order to achieve what I'm looking for and that's why I was asking what file should I look for.



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You would need an add-on to do it properly.

I wouldn't recommend editing the core files, which is why I never provide instructions for doing so.