Reducing Ram Usage


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My host is saying that I am using Ram almost constantly into the burstable range. I'm on a good plan with 3 GB guaranteed and 6 burstable. Any tweaks I might consider to reduce the load a little?
My site is and the host is Servint.


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Your forum is not small. You currently have almost 1 million posts and 270 users online. You probably need more memory.

You can install APC to speed up your forum. A memory cache will also help:

But I suspect you just need more memory.

It's not necessarily related, but with 1 million posts you can benefit from the Enhanced Search addon:

Nah, we run on less ram than that. If I turn memcached off, I can even get it right down around 1gb.

dvduval needs to post their server config. What webserver are they running? If apache, what extensions are enabled? Are they running APC, memcached, etc? And post their my.cnf settings.

I'd recommend Enhanced Search, too... just for the improved functionality. But that's going to make their ram situation worse in the short term.


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We enabled file cache and disabled delayed insert and the memory usage is way down but will be continuing to monitor.