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RAM Usage Builds Up Over Time


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In my dedicated server, i notice that RAM usage builds up over time.

For example 2 days ago after running for several months, RAM usage was constantly around 250 GB almost every time (i monitored using script every minute).

But yesterday when i decided to upgrade my RAM (i added 128 GB more memory), and my server was rebooted, until now RAM usage is only around 40-45 GB.

So i thought there must be something runs in my server which seems to use RAM constantly.
Some processes which run are :
  • PHP opcache
  • redis
  • elasticsearch
  • mysql query cache (query cache size is 5 GB).
At this point i think that my latest RAM upgrade was useless :confused:, and i could just rebooted my server to gain free RAM again.

What do you think may cause RAM usage 250 GB over time?

Thank you.


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yeah #1 misunderstood item about linux memory usage for noobs :)
It's Linux's fault for not displaying "usable" ram. Sure you can ALSO show cached. But no point in making that the primary number if its dumpable at a moments notice.

I was never a fan of this. I ran into it prior to SSD's and the thought is this extra gb of crap was loaded from a piece of crap hard drive. Tell me that doesn't have any performance penalty when none of those processes are getting launched today :p