1. H

    RAM Usage Builds Up Over Time

    Hello. In my dedicated server, i notice that RAM usage builds up over time. For example 2 days ago after running for several months, RAM usage was constantly around 250 GB almost every time (i monitored using script every minute). But yesterday when i decided to upgrade my RAM (i added 128 GB...
  2. Amin Sabet

    Unmaintained Image Proxy in RAM

    Proceed at your own risk! This works for me on my Centos 6.x server. I am not responsible if this doesn't work or somehow damages your forum or server. The purpose of this is to store proxy image data in RAM instead of storing it at the current location of /<domain>/internal_data/image_cache...
  3. bloop

    Server Decision Between CPU VS RAM

    I'm planning to upgrade to a new server and run a nginx set up (no more cPanel and Apache). I will be consolidating 4 websites onto one dedicated server. The server will run 1 Xenforo forum 100-200 concurrent users, 3 Opencart stores (total 800-1000 visits everyday), I was deciding between the...
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