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XF 1.3 Redirect to new page when you log in?


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I have searched on the forums to see if any other had this question, but I could not find it and so I create a (new) thread.

I created a 'cover page' in Widget framework for a customer's game forum - and so far it works fine on our test forum.

The cover page is also a log-in page - and shows some flags for the kids to choose before signing in or up:


My issue is, that I would love this cover page to change into a 'front page' when you're logged in - with recent news etc. (also using Widget framework) - but I am not able to find a way to change it.

If I set the permissions for the cover page only to be visible for guests - and they log in - it will change to 'you do not have permissions to view this page'.

I created a second 'index' page and set the permissions not to show it for guests but only registered members - and then I see the 'home' page (without flags), but when I log out again I get the message 'you do not have permissions to view this page'.

I'm puzzled - I'm not a strong coder and am trying to work around it, but am not sure if there's any 'easy' way to change a page from not-logged-in to when you're logged in...? I would like not having to use the notices feature if possible.

Thank you :)
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