Line break in title field on new thread page when pasting text content


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So, this is a bit hard to explain. I was stuck on an older version (2.2.8 iirc) and I recently updated to 2.2.13 and one of the first things I noticed was that when I copy pasted something into the title, it introduces a line break at the end. This is a minor ux annoyance. I just wanted to highlight it here. Devs must have a good reason for this change in recent versions. Behavior is retained here on 2.3 from my testing. If this is unintentional, devs might consider changing the behavior back. Thanks!

PS. This does not happen when I copy individual words. It happens when I triple click on a set of words to select and then copy which I assume adds the line break in the copied content. I mean I understand the line break when I paste the same in a word processor. But title field does not support line breaks so it seems logical that entire pasted text is placed in the same line like before.
also noticed today that the thread title field when editing thread retains the older behavior so same multiline content pasted in edit mode is posted in the single like fwiw. cheers.
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