XF 1.2 Redactor (text editor) lags badly when using Opera


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Opera 12.16...

xF 1.2.1

Redactor lags badly on my site when writing in the quick reply box. Every keystroke comes way behind.

Other browsers work fine.

However, the lag stops when clicking "More options" and the full-page editor loads...

The problem is somehow happening only on my site, as I tested Opera 12.16. here on xenforo.com and Redactor seems to work just fine with Opera.

I'm at my wits end...

Could some kind soul look into it for me if I give a user/pass so you can log in and try it?

If there's someone willing to check it out, please send me a private conversation.

Thank you :(


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Ok, just tested on another platform (I normally use OSX)...

Opera Version: 16.0.1196.73
Update stream: Stable

Works like a charm. Really quick and responsive to keyboard strokes.

It seems the only affected version is the 12.16 version (newest 12.xx before they changed the renderer engine I think?)

But why does 12.16 Opera work fine on xenforo.com...? But not on my site.

I guess there are not that many Opera users overall, but still this is a pain.


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If it's specific to your site, I'd look at any style changes you've made (including advertisements) and any add-ons that change the output on the page.

lazy llama

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I've had a number of reports of laggy input when using the editor in Opera as well, to the point where one of the users started a poll asking who was experiencing it, and it seems to be almost entirely Opera users.

It'll be interesting to check which versions they're using, and whether 1.2.2 with the later Redactor and jQuery help.


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I see similar issues with Opera 12.x and Redactor (and other editors as well) for a long time but not limited to any specific page. The 'slowness' depends on how long Opera is running and how many tabs are opened/closed between. Atm (24h running and a few hundred tabs) I can write here with normal typing rates but anything faster ends up in delayed letters.This will change back to instant once I restart Opera (or sometimes clean all Opera-related caches).


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If it's specific to your site, I'd look at any style changes you've made (including advertisements) and any add-ons that change the output on the page.
How would they affect the editor? We've just upgraded from 1.4 to 1.2.2 and I'm finding the editor seems to lag a bit on an ipad (here seems fine).


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I'm also some sort of lag when typing on Opera 12.16. Anyone have a solution to this?

I can see a very slight difference in lag between some characters here also. For example, if I type 'asdf' repeatedly, the response is much faster than 'sdfg' repeatedly.

If i did the same thing for other browser, i don't see the difference.


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I just got the following report:

My netbook is an old celeron M ULV @800 mhz so a really slow slug. It has 512 Mo of RAM too but i don't open a lot of tabs. I use firefox. It is the text editor. Often, i would type a sentence and wait 30 seconds before seeing it appear. I noticed a draft of one of my messages had been saved somehow so i guess the editor has some advanced features.

Reading the site while disconnected is fast enough.

I use ubuntu with LXDE as window manager so the OS is fast and light. Typing THIS text hasn't been very slow, though.

I noticed the same thing when I tested Opera 12. The text editor wasn't that laggy when using the text editor in a private conversation, but in threads it was slow as hell. I have an i5 processor myself.

It seems Redactor is a resource hog. Yes, the above person's computer is really slow, but still, text editor should work smoothly regardless...

I'm thinking of trying installing TinyMCE Quattro and offering it as an alternative, like some other member above suggested. Not sure how difficult that would be to implement, but that's one way to fix this problem for some* people.

*I've only received a couple of reports, so it's not a problem for the majority of users. Anyway, back when XenForo used TinyMCE, I had 0 reports of slow text editor.

Chris D

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Redactor definitely isn't a resource hog.

It's very light and its compatibility across a range of browsers is impressive.

But each browser behaves differently with different code.

But I don't mean to make excuses for it. It is true that it has been performing poorly in some mobile browsers too.

These issues are resolved in XF 1.3. Would it be possible to ask your member to create an account here and try some test messages in the Test Messages forum? That will hopefully show the issue is resolved.