Browser issue Redactor: inserting links


FF 22.0 - Win7

1. Write something like "hello world " in the editor (notice the blank space at the end)
2. Select "world" and insert a link to whatever you want
3. Now continue writing - you'll notice that the new text that you're entering into the editor is also part of the link. Also the blank space after "world" simply doesn't exist anymore.

P.S. @Mike, are you going to implement basic album functionality (with likes, comments, and so) in XenForo 1.3?


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I can reproduce this bug. FF 22 and OSX.

1) enter "hello world"
2) highlight "hello world"
3) hyperlink it

The cursor at this point will be blinking after the hyperlink but any character you type will also be part of the hyperlink.


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Looks like Firefox actually eats the trailing space and puts it inside the link, even though it's not selected. You can get back to the space with a little bit of manipulation, but it's inside the link.

Similarly, the Andy's post is sort of a browser decision as to where to the put the cursor as it's ambiguous as to what's desired specifically.

There may be ways around these, but likely we're talking about some fundamental changes. Otherwise, it's just a non-ideal browser behavior.