Cannot reproduce Redactor can't type anymore text


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Here's a problem that often occurs when writting text with lists here (may be after copy/paste, I'm not sure): at the end of the line no more text can be added.

Html demo:
<li>Update to 1.4.1, clear cache, the problems remains.</li>
<li>Two plugins (not extensions) are enabled: shockwave flash &amp; shockwave flash 11.8.800.168. It seems the new update didn't uninstall the former one<br>
=&gt; Disable one of them, the upload can only start in single file upload (black overlay uploader) <br></li>
=&gt; Rename C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash\NPSWF32_11_8_800_168.dll to disable it in FF, F<br><br type="_moz"><li>Adding SWFObject fixes the problem in every case</li>
Try to add text after the last letter of "FF, F". The <br><br type="_moz"> seems to prevent any text to be added.


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when "copy / paste" text from another website, it is often not possible to enter some additional text into certain lines.

using FireFox.


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Please provide reproduction steps if possible. Based on the HTML, the key is likely the fact that there's stuff outside the <li>, but it doesn't seem to happen to me in direct tests.


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I've run into this before when trying to paste a snipped of text from another site. It usually happens with those sites that use a lightbox type function to display the article with the main site in the background. Tried to find an example, but everything seems to be working as designed today. LOL


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"copy / paste" some text from another website

somewhere within the text add some "line breaks" (add some blank lines)

now "copy / paste" a URL or some text into the blank lines.

it does not paste.


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The specifics of the reproduction steps are very important: what was in the text box? where was your cursor specifically? what did you copy (exactly, likely with a link to the source page if external)?


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yeah, "copy / paste" from one position to another position inside the Editor is also an issue.
it does not paste at certain positions.
I managed to reproduce which could be your external copy/paste issue. I've tried to copy some part of code from github (three lines) and the bug occurs.
  1. External page
  2. Copy for example this part of the code with FF (from the external page):
    getEditor: function()
    return xenMCE.Lib._get('editor');
  3. Paste in the editor

The content is polluted. It doesn't clean the original table elements. This bug is not exactly related to the first post of the thread, but the result is the same.


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well, the issue occured to me when I copied normal Article-text from the XenZine-addon into a thread.

It was just normal text, no code-text.