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I'm looking to recruit a moderator for an up-coming forum.

The forum is going to be about things in life, especially things I have experience with such as: sports, fitness, cooking, working, gaming, computers, photography, arts and crafts, mental health and health in general.

If you have an interest in at least a couple of those things let me know and ill hook you up with a temporary URL. I'm going to need help with getting things ready for launch and the like, content building - submitting information etc.

The website isn't finished yet, but when it is I will share the link with everyone here.

If you are interested send me a message on here detailing yourself and past experience.

I would like to know the following about anyone that applies.

Rough geographical location

Past experience with online communities.

Any skills you wouldn't mind putting to use ie HTML, CSS, php, photoshop etc.