A recruiting forum


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Hi in the past couple weeks I have been working on setting up a forum to assist me with recruiting and I would really appreciate any opinions or suggestions as I am not expert with the social side of things.

Ideally I would love to get to the top of the search engines for people searching military recruiting in Las Vegas and I was hoping with a site that would assist with that. I have attempted to make it user friendly and have not restricted content from unregistered users. I do have adsense running on the site and it is after the first post and only displays to unregistered users.

The whole purpose of the site is to help educate people on the benefits of the guard and also the qualifications with the hope of encouraging engagement between myself and applicants to generate more content and answers to questions. I am using an email program in conjunction with the site that allows me to email individuals from career fairs, colleges and etc... steering them toward the site.

I am utilizing xenporta as the landing page and showcase for the posting of job positions and advance forms for the application process should they be interested in applying. The application and ability to post is for registered users only (but I am thinking about making it open to unregistered too ) because I have had several visits from my mailers but people aren't registering? however I am also worried about spam.

I have made it to where if someone submits an application its posted in a private forum in which they and myself are the only ones who can see it.

Anyway again I would really appreciate any advice you can give