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Add-on Recruitment block for xenporta

Discussion in 'Custom Service/Development Requests' started by notus, Jul 15, 2014.

  1. notus

    notus Member

    Currently transitioning one of my old VB4 sites to Xenforo and so far so good but I am having issues trying to get a recruitment module for wow to show current needs in a block in xenporta.

    Essentially what I would like to have on the block is classes listed with their icons, level of need and specialisation.

    Some examples of how this has been done on other platforms are listed below:


  2. notus

    notus Member

    Giving this a bump up, still keen on looking at options here.
  3. notus

    notus Member

    And again, I've been contacted by a few people interested in getting hold of this too, there's definitely opportunities here for someone.
  4. malonik

    malonik Member

    Here - I was surprised to see the lack of 'Video Game' addons for Xenforo. I'm seeing a massive move away from Enjin, and I myself have switched here. Its disappointing to see a lack of 'Guild' support.
  5. ddaypunk06

    ddaypunk06 Member

    Agreed. I may have to start making some of my own add-ons at this rate.
  6. notus

    notus Member

    giving this yet another bump up, still very interested in sorting this asap

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