Recording Software


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Having watched the videos by Kier and played around on this site a bit I can see that I'm probably going to have to do some quick video tutorials for our members on the new features.

Can anyone reccomend some good software out there which I could do this with?

I did see some posted in a thread a while back, but damned if I can find it now and I tried doing a search but came up with nothing.

Any help appreciated :)


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Can't sorry, highly top secret stuff ... plus the language got a bit colourful when the dev site wouldn't load :eek:
lol I can well imagine :p

Damn it.. I was going to laugh hysterically at your accent too :(

Do another one.. somehow manage to say Fish and chips in it :p hehehehehehehe


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Hah I just did a capture but realized that I had a tv episode playing in a window so I can't really post it...gah nevermind