XF 2.1 recommendations


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Hi guys, I am just here looking for some recomendations for my gaming community site I am trying to build and I am new to all this so here are a few features I would like just not sure which plugins and that would suit me best.

What I am looking for.
A portal system that allows sliders and things like that and something I can show my sponsors off on and add articles on and stuff :)

Forum statistcs mod now I have seen a lot of these just not sure which one is the best one to use.

Donations plugin seen a few of these yet stuck on which one to use.

Private Messages not sure if this is a thing in xenforo or not :p

User rank images system is there a thing for this too?

Also is there a way to rank up your members by how many posts they have as well like an automated user group?

There is so much to offer from this software and when your a noobie like me I am just not sure what is best :/

Hopefully someone can help me out be muchly appreciated

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