Add-on Recipe entry.


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What I'm looking for is an addon that will allow people to enter recipes, which can be preferably viewed within the threads, not a separate tab like a User Album. I don't really care about hooking into nutrition facts like some addons do. I just need something to allow users to put in - and hopefully print - recipes.

There are addons/modules for Wordpress, Drupal, or Joomla, but I want this in the forum not the portal/cms.

Anyone up for this?
I finally went with the Resource Manager. It works just fine for it. You can make the categories (Main Meals, Desserts, etc.) and have pictures, and even have people rate them.

I'd show you a demo, but the site it was on is kinda dead right now. It got hit bad with spammers and I shut it down until I could take care of it.
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