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Edit: Could a mod please fix my typo in the title?

I have just finished importing close to 4 million posts from IPS. It all went quite well except I have close to 5000 previously soft deleted spam threads are now visible.

As you can see in the screenshot below, they have all been given a recent timestamp even though some would be over 6 years old. They're also listed as being posted by Guest, the post content isn't visible to users, just the thread title.

Is there an easy way to nuke these based on them having a time stamp that's less than 10 hours old?


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Chris D

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The options for mass deleting threads is either the Batch Update Threads system in the Admin CP or using the inline moderation tools (you could increase the number of discussions per page temporarily to make this a little less laborious).

Are you able to identify the original posts in the IPS database? I'm worried this could be a bug. There must be something we missed that indicates a deleted thread that has made these be imported as visible.

If you can locate a few of them in the forums_topics table of the IPS database, then could you export a few to a SQL file so I can take a closer look?
Thanks for the response. There was close to 15k messages, I was able to clean them up using the batch update tool. I can check the IPS database for you when I get home from work in 7 or 8 hours.