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I have some reports open, but they are read. They will stay read for awhile but then all of a sudden are marked unread. I click it to mark read again and the same happens later on. This is not from replies it is a marking issue with no activity. It happens cross-device but also on the same computer if you wait awhile or use a new tab, but it's not always instant.
It’s because we store the date you last read any reports in your user session. This data isn’t stored permanently and after some time, using a different browser session or a different device entirely will refresh that data.

We also lose that read date to detect when you have new reports.

Ultimately it’s all a side effect of how we store the data but not a bug.
I hope it can be stored differently in the future. It's inefficient and confusing to staff and those clicks are are a waste of time. The only "fix" is closing the reports before we have resolved them.
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