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re-direct common URLs ?


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I am not sure if this is already possible via XF-default ?

for example:
when a "Guest" clicks on the links mentioned below, then he is re-directed towards "domain.com/register"


I am not sure where the "re-direction options" are located in ACP, or whether above mentioned exmple would be possible via XF-default or whether this would need an Addon ?

Any hint is appreciated.

Many thanks!



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ahh... thanks !

Anyone able to code an Addon for this, please let me know.

I think such kind of feature will allow a webmaster to re-direct certain URLs (as mentioned in first post) towards a certain URL (for example "domain.com/register").
By doing so, this could prevent access for "Guests" (not registered members) of certain URLs.

Simple Mockup:


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Andy was so kind and coded this idea:


Now you can create a "URL redirect" from certain URLs (listed below) towards any other URL you may like.
For "guests" (unregistered users).

Forums Redirect = domain.com/forums/
Find-New Redirect = domain.com/find-new/posts
Members Redirect = domain.com/members/
Online Redirect = domain.com/online/
Recent-Activity Redirect = domain.com/recent-activity/
Thread Redirect = domain.com/threads/
Help Redirect = domain.com/help/

So for example:
- when a "guest" visits the URL "domain.com/members", then he is being forwarded to "domain.com/login"
- when a "guest" visits the URL "domain.com/help", then he is being forwarded to "domain.com/whatever"
- when you have a "Portal" at your Homepage and you would like to "hide" your Forum from guests, then simply forward your "guest" from "domain.com/forums" towards the URL "domain.com/login"

This system lets you now effectively hide certain URLs from "guests" and "search engines" via a simple click.

Well done, @AndyB

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