re-direct common URLs ?


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I am not sure if this is already possible via XF-default ?

for example:
when a "Guest" clicks on the links mentioned below, then he is re-directed towards ""*

I am not sure where the "re-direction options" are located in ACP, or whether above mentioned exmple would be possible via XF-default or whether this would need an Addon ?

Any hint is appreciated.

Many thanks!



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ahh... thanks !

Anyone able to code an Addon for this, please let me know.

I think such kind of feature will allow a webmaster to re-direct certain URLs (as mentioned in first post) towards a certain URL (for example "").
By doing so, this could prevent access for "Guests" (not registered members) of certain URLs.

Simple Mockup:


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Andy was so kind and coded this idea:

Now you can create a "URL redirect" from certain URLs (listed below) towards any other URL you may like.
For "guests" (unregistered users).

Forums Redirect =
Find-New Redirect =
Members Redirect =
Online Redirect =
Recent-Activity Redirect =
Thread Redirect =
Help Redirect =

So for example:
- when a "guest" visits the URL "", then he is being forwarded to ""
- when a "guest" visits the URL "", then he is being forwarded to ""
- when you have a "Portal" at your Homepage and you would like to "hide" your Forum from guests, then simply forward your "guest" from "" towards the URL ""

This system lets you now effectively hide certain URLs from "guests" and "search engines" via a simple click.

Well done, @AndyB

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