Fixed Ratings not importing from Photopost Pro

Chris D

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We had a report of this recently (also PhotoPost 8).

We would likely need FTP access to the XF board so we can debug this in the importer code as it runs. It was actually originally written for PhotoPost 8.x so I'm unsure why it would have stopped working . We did make changes to support older versions of PhotoPost, but it should have effectively left the original code in a functional state.

If you'd like us to do this, please submit a ticket with details from your Customer Area.


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I am not sure if its related but I did notice that Photopost has 10 stars while XFMG has 5 stars. Does the importer simply divide the rating value by two or is this an issue?

I will give you access to the import.

Chris D

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Thank you for submitting details via a ticket.

Good news is I've found the cause and completed the ratings import for you.

The key thing here is that this was using the PhotoPost Pro XenForo importer, I wrongly assumed it was the VB version, so I missed the obvious bug in this code - it was relying on there being an import log which you obviously don't need to provide for the XF version as the user ID mappings are already the same.

We've fixed this for XFMG 1.1.3. The only file changed is /library/XenGallery/Importer/PhotopostXf.php. If you need to re-do this, make sure you use that updated file, instead of from the 1.1.2 package.


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Yes, that's what it was, Photopost Pro 8.x with XenForo to XFMG with XenForo, as reported a week or two back.

Apart from no ratings and video uploads other than MP4 not working it seems to all be fine. It does seem to only be offering to upload 1 photo at a time for most of our members and that seems to be putting them off uploading. I think that may be because their browsers are generally set not to allow flash due to the risks with it and it being on its way out. With the old system I think they could make multiple uploads with or without flash.

I think the video thing is down to XFMG needing a special version of ImageMagick that will not install on the dedicated server setup I have so I have sadly given up on that for now. It seems a real shame as we ran all types of video and audio on our old system without anything special as far as other software went. So, no ImageMagick or FFMPEG or other external software and no conversions needed and so on. With XFMG I have noticed that the various types of files all work if you simply use the XFMG download option and then choose run not save, they display fine in whatever the computer can display them in, though not on the screen like on the older PP software.

As I got no ratings imported it seems a shame if it works now but it can not at present allow you to choose to just import ratings to fix all the older incomplete imports like ours that must be around from it not working in the past - all the image numbers and member numbers are the same so you'd think it would just work if that small bit of import code was run. The import process did seem to have a screen where you chose what fields to import next. Doing it all again is not too practical as it takes days to run in total, the ratings would probably take less than a minute by themselves.