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  1. benFF

    PhotoPost 8.0 URL Redirect Script 1

    Simple redirect script that catches any requests to sendphoto.php or directly to your old PhotoPost data folder and redirects to the new XFMG location. showphoto.php redirects will go to the media overview page, direct data folder links it will go to the full image or thumbnail. Installing...
  2. Dakis

    XF 1.5 Partial photopost import

    Ok so I've imported my photopost pro a few months back, and it all went well - or so I thought. Specific members' photos never imported, and the reason is these members did not have a username (!) in the photopost table for some reason. Now, I can track these members down using their IDs in...
  3. Alpha1

    Not a bug Image Proxy is messed up by 301 redirects

    We imported Photopost Pro and vbalbums to XFMG. Posts with links to such images should be redirected to XFMG. But the image proxy messes up the urls. The old URL: /photopost/data/500/sarsala.jpg Is 301 redirected to the new URL: /media/sarpa-salpa-fish.8705/full But the proxy creates this mess...
  4. Triops

    MG 1.1 Move 30k images from one category into user albums

    I did still not migrate from vB + PP, @Chris D, but am shortly before doing it finally. In the meantime I did lots of test imports. One remaining problem is, that users in PP could upload images into their "Private Albums". These albums were just one main album per user, which contained all...
  5. Alpha1

    Fixed Ratings not importing from Photopost Pro

    When importing from Photopost Pro 8 to XFMG 1.1.2 everything goes well until I import ratings.
  6. Triops

    Fixed xfmg 1.1.0 - Error when importing tags from PhotoPost

    This is just a new test, after it worked in earlier xfmg versions. * Do a vB 3.7 import into fresh xf installation 1.5.0 + xfmg 1.1.0, no problem, finish import, rebuild search index * Do a PP import, all steps run smooth till importing tags * tag import starts, but seconds after start I get...
  7. Alpha1

    XF 1.5 Incremental vb import: Photopost to XFMG. Stupid?

    As I need to have various essential forum functionality created first, I cannot go live with XenForo just yet. Meanwhile I am stuck with old vbulletin and its addons. I wonder if it would be possible to replace some addons with xenforo addons and later migrate the forum? In fact I am already...
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