XF 1.5 Incremental vb import: Photopost to XFMG. Stupid?


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As I need to have various essential forum functionality created first, I cannot go live with XenForo just yet. Meanwhile I am stuck with old vbulletin and its addons. I wonder if it would be possible to replace some addons with xenforo addons and later migrate the forum?

In fact I am already doing that with TaigaChat. I have just hidden all things that are relate to accounts or forums.
But there is not much of a problem if I need to delete the entire install and start over.
Now, I am thinking if it would be incredibly stupid to replace Photopost Pro with XFMG?

For this to work I would need to do an incremental import of forum accounts without any forum node imports. (retain ID's) After the initial forum account import I would import PP to XFMG. Then later when I migrate the vb forum overwrite the accounts with new data and import the forums while retaining ID's. Could this approach work or is this just asking for trouble?
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