Lack of interest Ratings and/or Reviews engine


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Please move is this if the wrong forum for this!

It would be nice to have an add-on or features which would allow forum members or the public (after registration, usually) to post reviews and ratings of certain products or services related to the community. As as example, in my own case I run forums about wood stoves and pellet stoves - and there are at least two uses of such a script there....

1. People post ratings/reviews about the particular stove they purchased and use.
2. People post pricing for certain products such as wood pellet fuel.

As it stands now, I hacked together an independent app for rating of the works, but it would be more graceful if tied in with a login and could be edited, etc....

I suspect there may be ways to do this now with custom fields, but the idea of a simpler add-on which allows this would be exciting. Another option might be the use of an external review script using the XF login creds, but that might be harder since a lot happens outside of the system.

Any hints, suggestions or ideas welcome.