"Random Media" block in xenforo.com should be below "New Resources"


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The current order is:
  1. New Posts (text)
  2. New Profile Posts (text)
  3. Random Media (media)
  4. New Resources (text)
It would be better if it is:
  1. New Posts (text)
  2. New Profile Posts (text)
  3. New Resources (text)
  4. Random Media (media)


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Why? Personally I'd prefer Media at the top.

Don't forget, Random Media can be New Media if that option is selected in the ACP (if your argument is the 'new' stuff should be together).


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Well in fact my argument is that a media block between text blocks doesn't look good.

In my example, the Random/New Media block could be located at positions 1 or 4.

Chris D

XenForo developer
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Point noted, but it's likely to stay as it is.

The current order matches the order of everything else, e.g. Find New goes Posts / Profile Posts / Media Resources. The navigation tabs go Forums / Media / Resources.

So it's basically consistent now.