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I was thinking that can be really useful in various situations to select, also for a particular section of the plugin (to be used in different way), the random listing of the resources present. This can be nice to show different contents each time someone load the page to let seems the section as more dinamic/active when there aren't more new contents generated, (generally when they start to use the plugin or when a new section is been ceated in it) that as you know is always not simple to start something in a forum to letting the users partecipate.
With "Last update", "Last Post" and so on "listing options" of the addon, it works only on the last contents added, so if there aren't any update in the last times, or a new section is created, it will seems an abbandoned section, but in this other way it will show always different contents touching the curiosity of who enter in that section again and maybe also to stimulate the users to partecipate by seeing other contents that can be more interesting of those seen before.
In this way after that some users begin to partecipate to some content, will be possible to set the listing of the resources again as for example on "Last Update" so that the section can continue to work on Last Updates mode (but now active), or also letting continuing to go random if the situation of that particular section request it.

In each way this can be also useful to give to all the resources in a particular section, the possibility to be viewed also if are posted some time before.
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